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and if you look left you see English and if you look Right you see Spanish, with your two eyes, on the Dracula David Blair Jump into
and in that Rome there they are going to go via the train which goes to Manchuria, for all roads go there even iron ones David Blair Jump into
and of course there are several movietalkers who talk all at once all the times of a place at one here David Blair Jump into
and so the Movietalkers are telling about the secret people in the VOLCANO mountains where is so much history now at Changbai David Blair Jump into
and then Leaving the Europe they are going to Shinkyo with their thoughts too which will be there David Blair Jump into
and there they are the Primitive Christians who in the years after the Jesus doing the fighting to say what is or is not David Blair Jump into
Billy Lee of that Little Harbin sees that in the fields in those flatter parts of the Country of the Nation there are mountains David Blair Jump into
Broken by Earthquake is that Telescope and there can be seen the edge of the World or Word in the cracks of the Glass Projector David Blair Jump into
Even famous people in the foreign land films that are lost can be seen and understood by anyone who can forget here in Shinkyo David Blair Jump into
For after the edge of the World where you are falling then there are still the broken pieces where you can rest David Blair Jump into
For under the earth where there is the oil that is pressed to rock and made into shale, you can see knots then made into things David Blair Jump into
For when it is that the Original Cargo has arrived, they will unpack it at the Central Station Cinema, and they are David Blair Jump into
From Taq-I-Bustan where they made the fires for Japan in that cave, we READ the story of the FIRE that they brought TO Japan David Blair Jump into
IN not On those caves can be found within there those Stones that were placed there by the Audience of the movie David Blair Jump into
In Nagasaki-no-Toledo, that town of Old Japan, there were all the buildings from which the Columbus Brothers left when going David Blair Jump into
In and up near the north above the Amur River where they built the rail line to go to Hungarian Amurpest and maybe Birobidzhan David Blair Jump into
In that Danmark there are also Ethnic People who joined Manchuria to be everywhere, and they live here too David Blair Jump into
In that Old Japan there were Islands that sank and that was because the mountains were heavy and also broken, like that Mt. ASO David Blair Jump into
The Smokey Mountains that make the sky by making smoke from the underground of the mines in Manchuria are pleasant indeed David Blair Jump into
In the Steam of the Mines comes out all the vapors from the other sides of the Flat 4-D earth that floats in the clouds of space David Blair Jump into