Some of the History or what they call Background, like in the theatre I think, of the country that came to be called Manchuria

Something or all about Manchuria, which is also known as Manchukuo, and at other times was the realm of Zhude, and of other people before or after. For it is important to learn the history of a place if you want to know that and how important it is.

Manchuria was the homeland of among others the Manchu, for there in fact were many others like them who lived there before, and even before the Manchu invaded the China, which I will reveal in just a moment, there were other people from the same place or near it, or maybe the place itself maybe moved a little bit during the years, these other people were the ones who ALSO invaded the China, a different China however, in the earlier years before the ones I am talking about, since I am talking about the Manchurians from the later period, starting in 1644 or before.

The year is the year 1644, and the Manchus, who were not at that point yet called the Manchurians, in fact they may never have been known by that name, even though before that year they had made up their own country up there, and in that year they invaded China by going south, and then they ruled China from the year 1644 until another year, 1910.

They kept their own language, you know, when they went to China, because they wanted a secret language that other people wouldn’t understand when they talked and also especially when they wrote, and so there are whole libaries of secret books noone was supposed to read which you can read now if you have had the education to read this Manchu Language, and which will tell you the whole history between then and 1910, after which many things happened which I will tell you about.

For I think his name is Nurhaci, he was their good king who organized the entire idea that they were a country before they started invading, and that even included making up a new language of writing, they had their own language of course they didn’t make that up, but they made up how to write, it wasn’t a fake language though, I think they copied something called Uighar, and those people apparently copied the Phoenicians, who lived near the water. After they invaded China the Manchurias could live by the water too, if they wanted. But they had lakes up there in Manchuria too, though not with salt, so I don't think that is why they invaded, of course there were many reasons, including owning the places south of where they lived, the whole country in fact when they won the war.

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