About Prester John's CASTLE

Newly remade from the old plans, Prester John's CASTLE in Shinkyo, on the lot at the Manchu Edison Film Corporation Studio, this castle will be the centerpiece of CENTRAL LAND, the place where the film about Prester John or his character will be made.

An important Part of the CASTLE is decorated with the realistic freizes molded by hand from the original at Taq I Bustan, which is far away along the road to the West, in Adiabene, a kingdom whose Mother Queen was also happy to contribute real and substantial funds to the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, back when Jersusalem was there in the same place as it was then!

This new or old castle, depending on whether you’ve seen the movie or not, is home for the great Astronomer-King who lived there at that time, an Eastern King who was also former leader of the Lost Tribes, and is now a Manchurian movie star. For the making of the movie, Prester John will bring the Lost Tribes to Manchuria, or meet them there, and after a successful career in the movies, which is highly expected, as there is great potential, then afterwards he, that King, has announced that he does intend to travel further, east or west as necessary, in order to find or free Jerusalem, depending of course on current conditions.

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