Monticello I Order Dimensions

Description: Notes on the dimensions of the orders for the early house
Date: 1768-1770
Medium: Ink
Support: Laid paper with watermark (Paper AF)
Dimensions: 18.7 cm x 12.3 cm (7-3/8" x 4-7/8")
Condition: Linen backed, stains in upper left quadrant (especially along edge) obscuring some ms text, loss at upper left corner patched with Fabriano paper (20th c.)
Author: Jefferson
Owner: MHi
Classification: N-29, K-7
Publication History:
Author: Kimball
Title: Thomas Jefferson Architect
Date: 1916
Author: Nichols
Title: Jefferson's Architectural Drawings
Date: 1984
Author: Kimball
Title: Jefferson and the Public Buildings of Virginia I. Williamsburg, 1770-1776
Date: 1949