Monticello I - First Floor Plan

Description: Plan of the first floor of Monticello I as built
Date: Probably before March 1771
Medium: Ink
Support: Laid Paper with Watermarks (Paper AL) 48.4 cm x 60.3 cm (19-1/16" x 23-3/4") -- measured: JH 15JUN93s
Condition: Linen backed, separation at center along vertical crease due to fold, 9" long horizontal tear centered at 6-7/8" from top edge, losses at edges and at intersection of crease mark and horizontal tear patched with Fabriano paper (20th c.), assorted stains and discoloration throughout sheet, small tears (up to 1-3/4" long) toward center at edges, crease marks and tear lines dirty, edges ragged and discolored due to dirt, some ms text missing due to losses at right bottom edge and lower right edge.
Author: Jefferson
Owner: MHi
Classification: N-49 , K-24
Publication History:
Author: Kimball
Title: Thomas Jefferson Architect
Date: 1916
Author: Nichols
Title: Jefferson's Architectural Drawings
Date: 1984

Commentary: This plan is derived from Robert Morris's "Select Architecture." Kimball also speculates that the octagonal forms of the wings, which may have been unprecedented in VIrginia, could have their origins in Jefferson's visits to Annapolis and Philadelphia. (DAG)