Monticello - dining room cornice (plan)

Description: "Cornice of the Dining Room." Plan, looking up. Scale: full size. -- On verso of drawing N074/K045.
Date: 1775 or later
Medium: Ink
Support: Paper AL
Dimensions: 48.9 cm x 60.3 cm (19-1/4" x 23-3/4") -- measured: JH 15JUN93
Condition: silk encapsulated; losses at upper left & right corners, center top edge, upper right near corner, center vertical crease, along midsection right edge, and along bottom edge -- patched with Fabriano paper (20th c.); ink stain spots scattered throughout sheet; crease marks at lower left & right corners; tears at lower left & right (repaired); small horizontal tears along center crease (repaired); center crease, tear lines, and edges dirty; shadow of drawing on verso visible. (JH)
Author: Jefferson
Owner: MHi
Classification: N073/K044
Publication History:
Author: Kimball
Title: Thomas Jefferson Architect
Date: 1916
Author: Nichols
Title: Jefferson's Architectural Drawings
Date: 1984