Plan and Elevation of Albemarle Academy

Description: Pavilion and Dormitories
Date: August 1814
Medium: Scoring, pencil, iron gall ink
Support: Engraved graph paper
Dimensions: 13-1/2" L x 21' W
Author: Jefferson
Owner: ViU
Classification: N-309 , K No. 4 , L-00-02
Publication History:
Author: Kimball
Title: Thomas Jefferson Architect
Date: 1916
Author: Nichols
Title: Jefferson's Architectural Drawings
Date: 1984
Author: Lasala
Title: Jefferson's Designs for the University of Virginia
Date: 1992
Author: Wilson, ed.
Title: Jefferson's Academical Village
Date: 1993

Commentary: Jefferson's opportunity to translate his written concepts for a university into an architectural plan came in August 1814, when the committee assigned to secure a location for Albemarle Academy presented his plan at their meeting and recommended "its adoption by the Board as one best suited to the purpose.... [more] (JML)