Pavilion No. II, Second floor plan, University of Virginia

Description: Drawing of Pavilion II's second floor plan (bottom)
Date: (c) 1820-23
Medium: India ink and watercolor
Support: Hand-ruled graph paper
Dimensions: 11-1/2 x 9 in.
Author: John Neilson
Owner: ViU
Classification: N-347 , K-11 , L-02-03
Publication History:
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Title: Thomas Jefferson, Architect
Date: 1916
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Note: Ph.D. dissertation, Boston University
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Date: 1992

Commentary: Neilson drew the second floor plans of both Pavilion I and Pavilion II on the same sheet. The second floor plan of Pavilion II depicted here resembles the one drawn by Jefferson on 02-01 with the exception of the stairs and the stair hall. Neilson also has eliminated the doorway between the two front rooms as shown on 02-01. (JML)


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