Maverick Plan

Description: Plan of the University, from 1825
Date: January-February 1825
Support: Wove paper, illegible watermark
Dimensions: 21 x 18-1/2 in.
Author: John Neilson, draughtsman; Peter Maverick, engraver
Owner: ViU
Classification: N-385 , L-00-18
Publication History:
Author: Betts
Title: "Groundplans and Prints," Proceedings of the American Philosphical Society
Date: May 1946
Author: Nichols
Title: Jefferson's Architectural Drawings
Date: 1984
Author: Wilson, ed.
Title: Jefferson's Academical Village
Date: 1993
Author: Lasala
Title: Jefferson's Designs
Date: January 1992

Commentary: This version of the Maverick engraving shows the first floor of the Rotunda with the plan of the Dome Room as an overlay. Each of the two Gymnasia wings contains eight rooms, each of which is shown to have its own fireplace and door. (JML)[more]