Although Jefferson's ideas concerning a university for the State of Virginia can be traced back to the 1770s, it is not until 1814 that the actual physical design of what became the University of Virginia began to take shape with his designs for the Albemarle Academy (N309, recto and verso). And it is not until 1817 that a site is selected and designing begins in earnest. Construction began in 1817 and continued after Jefferson's death on July 4, 1826 until 1828.

The size and complexity of the University--which was one of the largest single building projects yet undertaken in the new world--means that it is best treated as a series of components that make up a whole. The overall plan is treated under Academical Village-Overall, and then separate files are developed for The Rotunda, pavilions such as Pavilion II, and other components.

The extensive building history of the University can be found in several places includin the historic structures reports done for some of the pavilions, writings by various scholars listed in the bibliographies, and Documentary History of the Construction of the Buildings at the University of Virginia, 1817-1828.


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