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We would like to thank the following groups and individuals for their assistance in the preparation of this report.

The Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia
The Jeffersonian Restoration Advisory Board
Carl W. Smith, Chairman
Adele Chatfield-Taylor, Vice Chairman
Mrs. George M. Cochran, Vice Chairman
Bahman Batmanghelidj
FitzGerald Bemiss
Charles L. Brown
W. L. Lyons Brown, Jr.
John T. Casteen III
Lydia de Polo
Mario di Valmarana
Charles H. P. Duell
Edward E. Elson
Kirkman Finlay, Jr.
James Marston Fitch
Charles Gwathmey
Mrs. James Stewart Hooker
James Murray Howard
Philip Johnson
Daniel P. Jordan
Peter 0. Lawson-Johnston
Frederick D. Nichols
William G. Pannill
Marion B. Peavey
Harry W. Porter, Jr.
Jaquelin T. Robertson
Mrs. Virginius R. Shackelford, Jr.
Bayard Sharp
Mrs. James L. Wiley
The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation (Monticello)
The University of Virginia Department of Facilities Management
The University of Virginia School of Architecture

For their individual assistance, we also thank D. Jeffrey Kidder, Joseph M. Lasala, William D. Middleton, and Steven E. Williams, of the University of Virginia; and the residents of the Academical Village.

This project was funded by a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Kirkman Finlay, Jr.

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John G. Waite

Architectural Staff

Douglas G. Bucher
William G. Foulks
Charles E. Barthe, Jr.
Alan Cerny
Chelle Jenkins
Dede B. Nash
Clay S. Palazzo

Architectural Historian

Diana S. Waite

Cover Design

Karelis & Timm Graphic Design

Publication Consultant

Mount Ida Press

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