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王者諸侯所以田獵者何? 為田除害,上以共宗廟,下以簡集士眾也。春謂之田何? 春、歲之本,舉本名而言之也。夏謂之苗何? 擇去其懷任者也。秋謂之蒐何? 蒐索肥者 也。冬謂之狩何? 守地而取之也。四時之田,揔名為田何? 為田除害也。《春秋·穀粱 傅》曰:"春曰田,夏曰苗,秋曰蒐,冬曰狩。"

王者祭宗廟,親自取禽者何? 尊重先祖,必欲自射,加功力也。

禽者何? 鳥獸之揔 名,明為人所禽制也。


Hunting (Lu, 6 a; Ch'ên, 12. 19b-22b).

In spring the hunt is called t'ien, in summer mao, in autumn sou, in winter shou1. The general name for hunting is t'ien (Ch'unch'iu ku liang chuan).

For the offerings to the Ancestral Temple the King personally hunts the 'game' ch'in2.

Ch'in is the general name for birds and quadrupeds.

The King does not in person catch fish.


1. 田, 苗, 蒐, 狩 .

2. 禽.

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