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Preface to Volume I
Preface to Volume II
Part I: Sections 1-25
Part II: Sections 26-40
Appendix A: List of Quotations in the Po Hu T'ung
Appendix B: Table of Contents of the Po Hu T'ung
Translation of Chapters I-XLIII
I. Ranks.
II. Appellations.
III. Posthumous Names
IV. The Five Deities
V. The Gods of the Earth and of the Millet
VI. Rites and Music
VII. The Enfeoffing of a Feudal Lord
VIII. The Capital
IX. The Five Elements
X. The Three Hosts
XI. Executions
XII. Admonitions
XIII. District Archery
XIV. Retiring From Office
XV. Pi-Yung
XVI. Calamities and Extraordinary Events
XVII. Ploughing and Gathering Mulberry-Leaves
XVIII. The Fêng- and Shan-Sacrifices
XIX. Tours of Inspection
XX. Examination and Degradation
XXI. Whom the King does Not Consider His Subjects
XXII. Divination with the Milfoil and the Tortoise-Shell
XXIII. Sages
XXIV. The Eight Winds
XXV. Trade
XXVI. Ritual Presents
XXVII. The Three Rectifications
XXVIII. The Three Instructions
XXIX. The Three Major and the Six Minor Relationships
XXX. Instinct and Emotion
XXXI. Destinies
XXXII. Clan and Kindred
XXXIII. Clan-Names and Personal Names
XXXIV Heaven and Earth
XXXV. The Sun and the Moon
XXXVI. The Four Seasons
XXXVIII. The Five Punishments
XXXIX. The Five Canons
XL. Marriage.
XLI. Knee-Covers and Caps
XLII. Mourning Garments
XLIII. The Passing Away of the Son of Heaven and of the Feudal Lord
Fragments of Po Hu T'ung
The Suburb Sacrifice (Lu, 1a-b; Ch'ên, 12. 1a-4b).
The Ancestral Temple (Lu, 1b-3b; Ch'ên, 12. 5a-13b).
Audiences (Lu, 3b-4b; Ch'ên, 12.13b-14b).
The Presenting of Officers (Lu, 4b-5a; Ch'ên, 12.16b-17b).
Carriages and Banners (Lu, 5a-b; Ch'ên, 12.17b-19b).
Hunting (Lu, 6 a; Ch'ên, 12. 19b-22b).
Miscellany (Lu, 6b-8a; Ch'ên, 12. 22b-26b).
a. Works in Chinese.
b. Works in European languages.
Additional Bibliography
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Index II (To the Introduction and the Notes)
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