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1. 顏淵、季路侍。子曰:「盍各言爾志?」

2. 子路曰:「愿車、馬、衣、輕裘,與朋友共,敝之而無憾。」

3. 顏淵曰:「愿無伐善,無施勞。」

4. 子路曰:「愿聞子之志!」子曰:「老者安之,朋友信之,少者懷之。」


1. Yen Yuan and Chi Lu being by his side, the Master said to them, 'Come, let each of you tell his wishes.'

2. Tsze-lu said, 'I should like, having chariots and horses, and light fur dresses, to share them with my friends, and though they should spoil them, I would not be displeased.'

3. Yen Yuan said, 'I should like not to boast of my excellence, nor to make a display of my meritorious deeds.'

4. Tsze-lu then said, 'I should like, sir, to hear your wishes.' The Master said, 'They are, in regard to the aged, to give them rest; in regard to friends, to show them sincerity; in regard to the young, to treat them tenderly.'

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