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1. 子華使於齊,冉子為其母請粟。子曰:「與之釜。」請益。曰:「與之庾。」冉子與之粟五秉。

2. 子曰:「赤之適齊也,乘肥馬、衣輕裘。吾聞之也,君子周急不繼富。」

3. 原思為之宰,與之粟九百,辭。

4. 子曰:「毋!以與爾鄰里鄉黨乎!」


1. Tsze-hwa being employed on a mission to Ch'i, the disciple Zan requested grain for his mother. The Master said, 'Give her a fu.' Yen requested more. 'Give her an yu,' said the Master. Yen gave her five ping.

2. The Master said, 'When Ch'ih was proceeding to Ch'i, he had fat horses to his carriage, and wore light furs. I have heard that a superior man helps the distressed, but does not add to the wealth of the rich.'

3. Yuan Sze being made governor of his town by the Master, he gave him nine hundred measures of grain, but Sze declined them.

4. The Master said, 'Do not decline them. May you not give them away in the neighborhoods, hamlets, towns, and villages?'

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