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1. 太宰問於子貢曰:「夫子聖者與?何其多能也?」

2. 子貢曰:「固天縱之將聖,又多能也。」

3. 子聞之,曰:「太宰知我乎!吾少也賤,故多能鄙事。君子多乎哉?不多也。」

4. 牢曰:「子云:『吾不試,故藝』。」


1. A high officer asked Tsze-kung, saying, 'May we not say that your Master is a sage? How various is his ability!'

2. Tsze-kung said, 'Certainly Heaven has endowed him unlimitedly. He is about a sage. And, moreover, his ability is various.'

3. The Master heard of the conversation and said, 'Does the high officer know me? When I was young, my condition was low, and therefore I acquired my ability in many things, but they were mean matters. Must the superior man have such variety of ability? He does not need variety of ability. '

4. Lao said, 'The Master said, "Having no official employment, I acquired many arts."'

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