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1. 君召使擯,色勃如也,足躩如也。

2. 揖所與立,左右手。衣前後,襜如也。

3. 趨進,翼如也。

4. 賓退,必復命曰:「賓不顧矣。」


1. When the prince called him to employ him in the reception of a visitor, his countenance appeared to change, and his legs to move forward with difficulty.

2. He inclined himself to the other officers among whom he stood, moving his left or right arm, as their position required, but keeping the skirts of his robe before and behind evenly adjusted.

3. He hastened forward, with his arms like the wings of a bird.

4. When the guest had retired, he would report to the prince, 'The visitor is not turning round any more.'

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