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1. 君賜食,必正席先嘗之;君賜腥,必熟而薦之;君賜生,必畜之。

2. 侍食於君,君祭,先飯。

3. 疾,君視之,東首,加朝服,拖紳。

4. 君命召,不俟駕行矣。


1. When the prince sent him a gift of cooked meat, he would adjust his mat, first taste it, and then give it away to others. When the prince sent him a gift of undressed meat, he would have it cooked, and offer it to the spirits of his ancestors. When the prince sent him a gift of a living animal, he would keep it alive.

2. When he was in attendance on the prince and joining in the entertainment, the prince only sacrificed. He first tasted everything.

3. When he was ill and the prince came to visit him, he had his head to the east, made his court robes be spread over him, and drew his girdle across them.

4. When the prince's order called him, without waiting for his carriage to be yoked, he went at once.

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