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1. 季子然問:「仲由、冉求可謂大臣與?」

2. 子曰:「吾以子為異之問,曾由與求之問。

3. 所謂大臣者:以道事君,不可則止。

4. 今由與求也,可謂具臣矣。」

5. 曰:「然則從之者與?」

6. 子曰:「弒父與君,亦不從也。」


1. Chi Tsze-zan asked whether Chung Yu and Zan Ch'iu could be called great ministers.

2. The Master said, 'I thought you would ask about some extraordinary individuals, and you only ask about Yu and Ch'iu!

3. 'What is called a great minister, is one who serves his prince according to what is right, and when he finds he cannot do so, retires.

4. 'Now, as to Yu and Ch'iu, they may be called ordinary ministers.'

5. Tsze-zan said, 'Then they will always follow their chief;--win they?'

6. The Master said, 'In an act of parricide or regicide, they would not follow him.'

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