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1. 子路使子羔為費宰。

2. 子曰:「賊夫人之子。」

3. 子路曰:「有民人焉,有社稷焉。何必讀書,然後為學?」

4. 子曰:「是故惡夫佞者。」


1. Tsze-lu got Tsze-kao appointed governor of Pi.

2. The Master said, 'You are injuring a man's son.'

3. Tsze-lu said, 'There are, there, common people and officers; there are the altars of the spirits of the land and grain. Why must one read books before he can be considered to have learned?'

4. The Master said, 'It is on this account that I hate your glib-tongued people.'

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