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1. 哀公問於有若曰:「年饑,用不足,如之何?」

2. 有若對曰:「盍徹乎?」

3. 曰:「二,吾猶不足,如之何其徹也?」

4. 對曰:「百姓足,君孰與不足?百姓不足,君孰與足?」


1. The duke Ai inquired of Yu Zo, saying, 'The year is one of scarcity, and the returns for expenditure are not sufficient;--what is to be done?'

2. Yu Zo replied to him, 'Why not simply tithe the people?'

3. 'With two tenths,' said the duke, 'I find them not enough;--how could I do with that system of one-tenth?'

4. Yu Zo answered, 'If the people have plenty, their prince will not be left to want alone. If the people are in want, their prince cannot enjoy plenty alone.'

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