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1. 衛靈公問陳於孔子。孔子對曰:「俎豆之事,則嘗聞之矣;軍旅之事,未之學也。」明日遂行。


2. 在陳絕糧,從者病,莫能興。

3. 子路慍見曰:「君子亦有窮乎?」子曰:「君子固窮,小人窮斯濫矣。」


1. The Duke Ling of Wei asked Confucius about tactics. Confucius replied, 'I have heard all about sacrificial vessels, but I have not learned military matters.' On this, he took his departure the next day.

2. When he was in Chan, their provisions were exhausted, and his followers became so ill that they were unable to rise.

3. Tsze-lu, with evident dissatisfaction, said, 'Has the superior man likewise to endure in this way?' The Master said, 'The superior man may indeed have to endure want, but the mean man, when he is in want, gives way to unbridled license.'

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