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1. 顏淵問為邦。

2. 子曰:「行夏之時,

3. 乘殷之輅,

4. 服周之冕,

5. 樂則《韶》舞。

6. 放鄭聲,遠佞人。鄭聲淫,佞人殆。」


1. Yen Yuan asked how the government of a country should be administered.

2. The Master said, 'Follow the seasons of Hsia.

3. 'Ride in the state carriage of Yin.

4. 'Wear the ceremonial cap of Chau.

5. 'Let the music be the Shao with its pantomimes.

6. 'Banish the songs of Chang, and keep far from specious talkers. The songs of Chang are licentious; specious talkers are dangerous.'

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