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1. 子之武城,聞弦歌之聲。

2. 夫子莞爾而笑曰:「割雞焉用牛刀?」

3. 子游對曰:「昔者偃也聞諸夫子曰:『君子學道則愛人;小人學道則易使也。』」

4. 子曰:「二三子!偃之言是也。前言戲之耳!」


1. The Master, having come to Wu-ch'ang, heard there the sound of stringed instruments and singing.

2. Well pleased and smiling, he said, 'Why use an ox-knife to kill a fowl?'

3. Tsze-yu replied, 'Formerly, Master, I heard you say,--"When the man of high station is well instructed, he loves men; when the man of low station is well instructed, he is easily ruled."'

4. The Master said, 'My disciples, Yen's words are right. What I said was only in sport.'

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