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1. 佛肸召,子欲往。

2. 子路曰:「昔者由也聞諸夫子曰:『親於其身為不善者,君子不入也。』佛肸以中牟畔,子之往也,如之何?」

3. 子曰:「然。有是言也。不曰堅乎,磨而不磷:不曰白乎,涅而不緇。

4. 吾豈匏瓜也哉?焉能系而不食?」


1. Pi Hsi inviting him to visit him, the Master was inclined to go.

2. Tsze-lu said, 'Master, formerly I have heard you say, "When a man in his own person is guilty of doing evil, a superior man will not associate with him." Pi Hsi is in rebellion, holding possession of Chung-mau; if you go to him, what shall be said?'

3. The Master said, 'Yes, I did use these words. But is it not said, that, if a thing be really hard, it may be ground without being made thin? Is it not said, that, if a thing be really white, it may be steeped in a dark fluid without being made black?

4. 'Am I a bitter gourd? How can I be hung up out of the way of being eaten?'

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