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1. 子曰:「小子!何莫學夫《詩》?

2. 《詩》可以興,

3. 可以觀,

4. 可以群,

5. 可以怨。

6. 邇之事父,遠之事君。

7. 多識於鳥獸草木之名。」


1. The Master said, 'My children, why do you not study the Book of Poetry?

2. 'The Odes serve to stimulate the mind.

3. 'They may be used for purposes of self-contemplation.

4. 'They teach the art of sociability.

5. 'They show how to regulate feelings of resentment.

6. 'From them you learn the more immediate duty of serving one's father, and the remoter one of serving one's prince.

7. 'From them we become largely acquainted with the names of birds, beasts, and plants.'

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