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1. 大師摯適齊,

2. 亞飯干適楚,三飯繚適蔡,四飯缺適秦。

3. 鼓方叔入於河,

4. 播武入於漢,

5. 少師陽、擊磬襄入於海。


1. The grand music-master, Chih, went to Ch'i.

2. Kan, the master of the band at the second meal, went to Ch'u. Liao, the band-master at the third meal, went to Ts'ai. Chueh, the band-master at the fourth meal, went to Ch'in.

3. Fang-shu, the drum-master, withdrew to the north of the river.

4. Wu, the master of the hand-drum, withdrew to the Han.

5. Yang, the assistant music-master, and Hsiang, master of the musical stone, withdrew to an island in the sea.

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