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Says the wife, ' It is cock-crow; '
Says the husband, ' It is grey dawn. '
' Rise, Sir, and look at the night, -- '
If the morning star be not shining.
Bestir yourself, and move about,
To shoot the wild ducks and geese.
When your arrows and line have found them,
I will dress them fitly for you.
When they are dressed, we will drink [together over them],
And I will hope to grow old with you.
Your lute in your hands,
Will emits its quiet pleasant tones.
When I know those whose acquaintance you wish,
I will give them off the ornaments of my girdle.
When I know those with whom you are cordial,
I will send to them of the ornaments of my girdle.
When I know those whom you love,
I will repay their friendship from the ornaments of my girdle.
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