Waldalgesheim: Jewelry

Items of personal adornment include rings, a stone armlet or bracelet and glass beads; the textlies and other organic materials were not preserved.

Gold torc, bracelets, armlet

Closed armlet 9.5 cm Dia, 85.6 grams

Detail -- ends of torc and two open bracelets

Detail -- torc end

Torc ca. 21.1 cm Dia, 204.3 grams

Detail -- bracelet

Bracelets ca. 7-8 cm Dia, 80-85 grams

Detail -- bracelet

Bronze ankle bracelets

Anklets 11 cm Dia

7.1 cm max W, one of two found

6.4 cm max. W

Bronze openwork plates, perhaps from clothing or accessories?

Bonn: Rheinisches Landesmuseum.