Waldalgesheim: Wagon

The wooden parts of the two-wheeled chariot or wagon and most of the iron hardware are not preserved; several iron objects discovered in 1869 are now lost as well. The iron rims of the wagon wheels were ca. 90 cm in Dia and 3 cm W; the ornate iron hub rings were ca. 13.4 cm in Dia.

Bronze plates from yoke (reconstructed) & detail; 9.5 cm max H. (Joachim 1995, 82 ff.)

Bronze yoke ends, 23.4 cm max L, 14.8 cm H

Bronze openwork yoke mount
Inlays now lost

9 cm H, 8 cm max W, thoroughly restored (Joachim 1995, 79 ff.)

Two of four bronze bridle rings (?)
Bronze with enamel inlay

5.8 cm max. H

Late La Tène A to Early La Tène B (mid-4th century B.C.E.).

Bonn: Rheinisches Landesmuseum.