Flame Galvanometer Experiments: February 24th, 1876

The goal of this level is to allow you to see how Bell moves from experiment to experiment. Notecards for these levels are on the levels above. Other ways of visualizing chains of experiments are shown in "Dual Circuit Experiments" and in Bell's resistance and liquid experiments beginning on March 8th. We welcome comments on method as well as content.

February 24, 1876

"The reflection of the flame [produced by the manometric capsule] was watched in a mirror backwards and forwards as in Fig 1.

m'm' being the initial position of the mirror it was swung so as to assu me successively the positions mm; m2m2; mm; m'm'; mm; m2m2 &c.

The imaginary axis a [alpha] was vertical. No trace of vibration was pe rceptible in the reflected flame."

Bell did observe the small cylinder c' moving against the end of the larger cyli nder C, yet the flame did not change. He removes the small cylinder in the ex periments that follow, and observes changes in the flame shapes.

Probably should be re-scanned because the eye showing line-of-sight was omitted. (cnn)