Ethics and a Changing World

There seems to be a growing awareness that an understanding of moral categories and a facility in moral evalution are es sential as we strive to come to terms with a fast changing world.

To find how ethical considerations come to bear on even the most technical issues, the Center is engaged in a number of ethics learning activities, focusing particularly on the areas of capital markets and political economy:

The following are some of the areas of interest:

  • Ethics Learning Programs

    • Risk and Uncertainty: Financial and Theological Perspectives
    • Political Realism: Moral Realities for a Virtual Reality World
    • Teaching Religion and Philosophy in Secondary Schools: A Critical Inquiry and Values Based Curriculum
    • The Unified College Curriculum
    • Mission as Church: Reconciling Economic Ethics and Religious Belief
  • Ethics and Global Affairs

  • Ethics and Investment Theory

  • Ethics and Political Economy