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Spinnaker's PLUS 2.5 is a clone of HyperCard which attempts to extend the card paradigm beyond Macintosh hardware. The major selling point of PLUS is that it is available in identical versions for Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and OS/2. The price for this flexibility is $495 per operating system. Unlimited runtime licenses are available for an additional $495 per OS.

Above and beyond the features of HyperCard 1.0, PLUS offers colour support, variable card size, a complete report writer, and extensions to the HyperTalk-compatible language PPL. In Windows, all the correct acronyms are supported: DLL, DDE, BMP, PCX.

The main downside to this functionality is the extreme sluggishness with which the program runs. The recommended Windows hardware configuration includes a 32-bit processor and 4MB RAM, yet reviewers with up to 12MB have been unhappy. With the release of HyperCard 2.0, PLUS's feature advantage has been eliminated.

PLUS was originally developed by Format Software in Germany.

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