The Electronic Labyrinth

Software Environments

One of the main goals of this study is to evaluate the available hypertext authoring systems, with the aim of providing recommendations to potential authors. Given the number of programs which claim to have hypertext functions, it is impossible to review every package. Instead, we have taken samples from each structural paradigm and have focussed on systems that are both affordable and easy to use for non-expert computer users. A full checklist of evaluation criteria and our requirements are available nearby.

We have evaluated commercially available software for three environments. Note that some packages appear more than once, as they offer cross-platform compatibility.

In addition, we have included evaluations of a number of important research systems. An understanding of their features provides an important historical perspective on the field.

Our evaluations are based on product literature, published reviews, demos, working copies, and full copies of the software. Thus, we have not had equal access to information on all of the systems. All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise noted. These have been rounded off to the nearest $5. Contact addresses have been provided so you can obtain up-to-date pricing and configuration information.

[1995 update: These software reviews have not been updated since 1993. Rather than make some of the nodes in this cluster contemporary at the expense of others, we have decided to stay with the 1993 baseline. At the very least, this provides a snapshot of hypertext authoring tools at a particular point in their development.]

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