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Beyond Cyberpunk!

So here we are--decadent softcore commercial anarchists operating out of multinational Japan's favourite Banana Republic, this mercenary state, all glittering on the edges and profoundly stupid in the centre.
R.U. Sirius, Mondo 2000

Beyond Cyberpunk! is a massive HyperCard stack holding 5.5 MB of sound "bytes," graphic tidbits, and intellectual terrorism. Gleaned from fanzines, anarchist rants, conspiracy theorists, and cyber-tribalists, the work claims to be a "do it yourself guide to the future." It is a playful and irreverent piece of electronic bricolage.

For those interested in pushing hypertext toward a highly graphic environment, Beyond Cyberpunk! provides a challenging example. Presented as a "Cyberdeck" with multiple windows, push buttons, and sonic accompaniment, the work is easily navigated through four main zones: Manifestos, Media, Street Tech, and Cyber Culture.

Under these four titles are essays by artists such as Hakim Bey, Rudy Rucker, Bruce Sterling, and Robert Anton Wilson. There are also reviews on everything from JG Ballard's Atrocity Exhibition to Batman and the Graphic Novel.

Sound samples are generous and accompany every movement of the deck. The credits list as source material Aeon, Flux, WarGames, Alien, Android, RoboCop, The Prisoner, Brazil, Clockwork Orange, Rollerball, Terminator, and video static.

Beyond Cyberpunk! was programmed and edited by Gareth Browyn (a contributing editor to Mondo 2000, The Futurist, and a columnist for Artpaper) and Peter Sugarman (who has been a HyperCard developer for three years). The entire team of editors, reviewers, and contributors are listed in a manner reminiscent of the credits at the end of a feature film. Taken as a whole this group forms The Computer Lab.

Beyond Cyberpunk! is available from Eastgate Systems.

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