The Electronic Labyrinth

Eastgate Systems

Eastgate Systems is presently one of the largest publishers of hypertext works. They market Storyspace and a wide selection of hypertexts, both on paper and disk. Books include Nelson's Literary Machines, Perforations, and Joyce's The War Outside Ireland. Hyperbooks include:

The In Memoriam Web. Compiled and edited by Jon Lanestedt and George Landow. (Storyspace non-fiction).

The Dickens Web. Compiled and edited by George Landow. (Storyspace non-fiction).

The Election of 1912 by Bernstein and Sweeney. (Storyspace non-fiction).

Beyond Cyberpunk! by The Computer Lab (non-fiction Hypercard stack)

Writing Space by Jay David Bolter (Storyspace non-fiction)

Its Name Was Penelope by Judy Malloy (IBM database)

Afternoon, A Story by Michael Joyce (Storyspace fiction)

Victory Garden by Stuart Moulthrop (Storyspace fiction)

The Perfect Couple by Clark Humphrey (Hypercard fiction)

King of Space by Sarah Smith (Storyspace fiction)

Sucker in Spades by Robert DiChiara (Storyspace fiction)

Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse by John McDaid (Storyspace fiction)

Quibbling by Carolyn Guyer (Storyspace fiction)

Writing on the Edge 2.2 (Spring 1991), edited by Stuart Moulthrop

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