Project Outline, etc, etc.

OK, so we don't have a real title yet, we are still calling it "Zone 4"...kindof like "Chicago"

Partcipants and Roles:

Sam Shank
Concept, visual creation, collection and editing, plot developtment and other content.

Brendan Gray
Additional concept and content work, technical realization of project (coding, etc)

Abstract of content:

The project is a web-accessible, hypertexttual game. The game takes place at the University of Virgnia and its surrounding areas, and the plot centers around a secret society that is up to no good. The Society is involved in many illicit/illegal/unethical activities and their ultimate goal is immortality (Ok, that part might change). The player takes on the role of a student walking around the ground and UVA area, which at first appear normal, but soon enought the plot unfolds and they stumble onto The Societie's nefarious plots. The player must meet certain people or solve riddles to advance the plot. They win by preventing this quasi-apocolypse, they lose if they fail .

User Interface:

After accessing the game and logging on via the WWW, the user is presented with a screen which gives them the description of a location and the means to enter other rooms/locations (possibly with a navigational icon!) The player must pass through all six main location for the first major developtment to occurr, which sets in motion the plot. Certain locations (as many as possible) will have a visual component, there wll be a picture of the room and possible links to close-ups of certain objects. The game will have a sort-of "Wahoo-Help" function for non-UVA players. The players will interact with charachters in the game, who will function as robots, providing certain information.

Theoretical Abstract:

This project takes advantage of the hypertextual form, hopefully taking it into a direction not often taken. The basic "map" of the game resembles a rhisome, every point links to every other. The environemt offers a high level of interactivity, and a great deal of information will be linked within the game. As the environment changes the modified rooms will be another layer off a web which the player navigates.

Technical Thoughts:

It is anticipated that this project will be MOO-based, and will run on a MOO-based webserver. The MOO program will recieve HTTP requests from the player/user and send out HTML documents.

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