He needed some point to start His arm at. Settle. She was down on all 4's and ashing behind the red candles unlit. He lit and imagined something about a plastic six-shooter with its fake brown stock, hammer, candle, He didn't like his mind wander. He looked over, up, under, with the sound of a splitting coke can, wondering how He did that. Bandages without thinking again, He cupped some porcelain mound and removed the spoon He kept in His pocket just for these occasions as His mother always said. Now She was here and He began to discuss baseball. That always happened in the cliches but She was playing with Him by the cup Mr Lightly Touchdown has a patch over one eye, now, injured, now, from an occassion just like this as His mother always said. He snapped what He doesn't know with His ma and Mr Lightly Touchdown vomiting lightbrite in the corner He was known for that On an ocassion such as this He thought seeing in white duck tape and some kind of grin which went undescribed for lack of time-- He thought? not moving for (he he he he) not moving for a few, 3 minutes, now maybe 3 minutes maybe and He came back to the meaning in His mince this absurd He or She or they or Mr Lightly Touchdown was thinking in the corner of their mouths he has a hand under the slant of Her worn wooden shoe and she was going through the motions of the cookie with a growl.