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		limp limp limp
	limp limp limp limp limp
          limp limp limp      limp limp limp	limp

ma looking around the corner with that lettuce mache eye and a hand on the hot water waiting His hand just wouldn't reach the air conditioner despite all the stretch He could mustard He said no to His mother with the cage--what He needed right then was a dustpan and pimple-- which fell forthwith from Lightly's lapels quite a magician

		butter butter butter
	butter butter butter butter butter
	  butter butter butter 	  butter butter butter

as He always did on an occassion such as this slop through the bisque marshal mauling grilled cheese and if you Lightly let down the number of daffodil groomings
they were all long beyond the temperature of understanding
and suspected the grief of a plastic arm beginning later and that with His mother dismissed and apologetic away from all Her severe electronics pumped He wouldn't let Her get away She was strapped on all fours remember Lightly'd wandered off with ma under his arm and so He could concentrate without all the nonsense about insurance
A slight shift in a direction without proper description, He could hear His cardiac ha ha in Her sediment. Mr Lightly Touchdown used it to strike Her immature aperture and She began making sounds which ma drew. Her comb was inconsistently frozen but He could still formulate some congestion with His helm. When His weakness finally found the climate preferable for an occassion such as this there was no way the wince of 1 million carbonated beverages blowing without need of another single smudge could pause to pick the geraniums.