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Crossed Arrangement
  1. Three cells divided between the two circuits as in (Fig 9). Sound from S about the same loudness as that mentioned in Exp. 5.
  2. Arrangement as in (Fig 10). Three cells upon primary circuit. No battery upon secondary circuit. Resistance of M'=1/2 Ohm; M=150 or 200 ohms; M2=1/2 ohm; M3=1/2 ohm. Sound audible when the ear was placed near S.
  3. Arrangement same as Exp.17 save that M was placed upon the secondary circuit and M' upon the primary (Fig 11). Sound at S­about the same as in Exp.17. Could not determine which was the louder.
  4. Arrangement as in (Fig12). Sound about the same as in Exp.17 and 18. Like poles approximated (MM').

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