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    was that so loud as the sound produced by the Tuning-fork. Perhaps the larger the vibrating surface in contact with the water the better the effect.


    Float piece of metal on water and set it in vibration by attaching it to stretched membrane.

    Noted by A.G.B.
    March 20th 1876

Thursday March 23d 1876

Last Sunday I read an article in Culley's Handbook upon the resistance of solids + liquids which has materially altered my ideas concerning increasing the resistance of the water-cells as a means of increasing the amplitude of the electrtical undulations. I find that pure water offers an enormous resistance to the passage of an electrical current. If I remember rightly pure water opposes about 8000 million times as much resistance to the current as copper wire does; and acidulated water (1, SO4 to 11 water) offers 1 1/2 million times the resistance of copper.
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