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    It is evident then that the water-resistance in all the experiments noted before has been immensely greater than the line and battery put together ­ in fact that the water-resistance has been much too great for the battery -- so that the current would be more economically increased by diminishing the water resistance than by strengthening the battery.

    The water resistance can be diminished

      1st by acidulating the water as much as possible
      2   by increasing the metallic surface exposed to the water, and
      3   by bringing the metallic surfaces nearer together.

    Platinum Plate Transmitter

  1. A form of instrument worth experimenting with is that shown in Fig I. Where a membrane (M) sets in vibration the platinum plate (p) which is separated from another platinum plate (p') by a narrow piece of sponge (SS') moistened with acidulated water.

  2. If P and P' were made of two different metals we should have in effect the vibration of battery plates

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