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中 文
Preface by the Translator
Methodological Introduction by the Translator
The Biography of Han Fei Tzŭ By Ssŭ-ma Ch`ien
Preface to "The Complete Works of Han Fei Tzŭ with Collected Commentaries"
Foreword to "The Complete Works of Han Fei Tzŭ with Collected Commentaries"
Book One
Chapter I. The First Interview with the King of Ch'in: A Memorial
Chapter II. On the Preservation of Han: Issue Between Han Fei and Li Ssŭ
Chapter III. On the Difficulty in Speaking: A Memorial
Chapter IV. On Favourite Vassals: A Memorial
Chapter V. The Tao of the Sovereign
Book Two
Chapter VI. Having Regulations: A Memorial
Chapter VII. The Two Handles
Chapter VIII. Wielding the Sceptre
Chapter IX. Eight Villainies
Book Three
Chapter X. Ten Faults
Book Four
Chapter XI. Solitary Indignation
Chapter XII. Difficulties in the Way of Persuation
Chapter XIII. The Difficulty of Pien Ho
Chapter XIV. Ministers Apt to Betray, Molest, or Murder the Ruler
Book Five
Chapter XV. Portents of Ruin
Chapter XVI. Three Precautions
Chapter XVII. Guarding Against the Interior
Chapter XVIII. Facing the South
Chapter XIX. On Pretentions and Heresies: A Memorial
Book Six
Chapter XX. Commentaries on Lao Tzŭ's Teachings
Book Seven
Chapter XXI. Illustrations of Lao Tzŭ's Teachings
Chapter XXII. Collected Persuasions, The Upper Series
Book Eight
Chapter XXIII. Collected Persuasions, The Lower Series
Chapter XXIV. Observing Deeds
Chapter XXV. Safety and Danger
Chapter XXVI. The Way to Maintain the State
Chapter XXVII. How to Use Men: Problems of Personnel Administration
Chapter XXVIII. Achievement and Reputation
Chapter XXIX. The Principal Features of Legalism
Book Nine
Chapter XXX. Inner Congeries of Sayings, The Upper Series: Seven Tacts
Foreword to Volume Two
Book Ten
Chapter XXXI. Inner Congeries of Sayings, The Lower Series: Six Minutiae
Book Eleven
Chapter XXXII. Outer Congeries of Sayings, The Upper Left Series
Book Twelve
Chapter XXXIII. Outer Congeries of Sayings, The Lower Left Series
Book Thirteen
Chapter XXXIV. Outer Songeries of Sayings, The Upper Right Series
Book Fourteen
Chapter XXXV. Outer Congeries of Sayings, The Lower Right Series
Book Fifteen
Chapter XXXVI. Criticisms of The Ancients, Series One
Chapter XXXVII. Criticisms of the Ancients, Series Two
Book Sixteen
Chapter XXXVIII. Criticism of the Ancients, Series Three
Chapter XXXIX. Criticisms of the Ancients, Series Four
Book Seventeen
Chapter XL. A Critique of the Doctrine of Position
Chapter XLI. Inquiring into the Origin of Dialectic
Chapter XLII. Asking T'ien: Two Dialogues
Chapter XLIII. Deciding Between Two Legalistic Doctrines
Chapter XLIV. On Assumers
Chapter XLV. Absurd Encouragements
Book Eighteen
Chapter XLVI. Six Contrarieties
Chapter XLVII. Eight Fallacies
Chapter XLVIII. Eight Canons
Book Nineteen
Chapter XLIX. Five Vermin: A Pathological Analysis of Politics
Chapter L. Learned Celebrities: A Critical Estimate of Confucians and Mohists
Book Twenty
Chapter LI. Loyalty and Filial Piety: A Memorial
Chapter LII. The Lord of Men
Chapter LIII. Making Orders Trim
Chapter LIV. Surmising the Mentality of the People: A Psychological Analysis of Politics
Chapter LV. Regulations and Distinctions
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