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Out of Print

GI Resistance:
Soldiers & Veterans Against the War

Harry Haines, editor

120 pages with bibliography, illustrations and photographs, perfect bound, paper, 1990 $15.00; ISBN: 1-885215-02-9.

This remarkable volume was edited by scholar and long-time veteran activist Harry Haines, who succeeded in drawing together a wide range of contributors to present a picture of the G.I. and veterans' movements which is both critical and compassionate. The text is enlivened by illustrations from the G.I. underground press, and by the photo-portraits of veteran artist Bill Short. An extensive bibliography compiled by Skip Delano adds to the value of this unusual collection.


  • Harry H. Haines: Hegemony and the G.I. Resistance: Introductory Notes
  • James R. Hayes: The War Within A War: Dissent in the Viet Nam Era Military
  • Barbara L. Tischler: Breaking Ranks: G.I. Antiwar Newspapers and the Culture of Protest
  • David Cortright: Black G.I. Resistance During the Viet Nam War
  • Gerry Nicosia: The Presidio 27
  • Bill Short and Willa Seidenberg: A Matter of Conscience: Resistance Within the U.S. Military During the Viet Nam War
  • W.D. Ehrhart: Stealing Hubcaps
  • Larry Rottmann: Lieutenant Hatfield
  • Skip Delano: G.I. and Veterans' Movement Against the Viet Nam War 1965-1975: A Selected Bibliography

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