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Sixties Project: Film, Drama and Performing Arts

This is an archive of drama, film and performing arts resources in the field of Sixties and Viet Nam war studies.

Sixties Political Films: An Annotated Filmography

Eric Roberts and Lauren Rusk

For several years, my partner Lauren Rusk and I have hosted a biweekly series of "political films" (rather loosely defined) that attracts between 20 and 25 people each week. Because we have found that these evenings are a good way to get people together and that they serve to some extent as a nucleus for the local progressive community, we thought it might be useful to share our experience with friends and comrades who would like to host similar gatherings elsewhere.

Viet Nam War Drama: A Bibliography

Compiled by David DeRose

Playscripts, some unproduced, many unpublished, which either explicitly or implicitly deal with the Viet Nam War, or with American veterans of that war. Some pieces deal with the families of soldiers who never returned. Others are plays in which there is simply a character (or mention of a character) is a Viet Nam vet.

Vietnam on Film and Television: Documentaries in the Library of Congress

Compiled by Victoria E. Johnson

This is a compilation of film and television documentaries about the Vietnam War and related subjects held in the collections of the Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division of the Library of Congress. Although not comprehensive, it includes many, if not most, of the relevant titles held in the Division in July 1989. It is hoped that the list will be expanded periodically as other titles are discovered and new titles acquired. A large percentage of the works were received as copyright deposits. Other sources include purchase, gift, and off-air videotaping. The list includes documentaries only, not dramatic films.

Film, Video, Music, and Theater Reviews

Coleman, Horace

DeRose, David J.

Farrell, Alan

  • Review of Karma (film), Viet Nam Generation 5:1-4 (March 1994).

Fuchs, Cynthia J.

  • "Buddy Counts," Viet Nam Generation 3:3 (November 1991). Review essay.
  • "Mom's in Nam," Viet Nam Generation 3:4 (January 1992). Review essay.
  • "Sex Acts," Viet Nam Generation 5:1-4 (March 1994). Review essay.
  • "Viet Nam Regurgitated," Viet Nam Generation 4:1-2 (April 1992). Review essay.
  • "Ziplocked," Viet Nam Generation 4:3-4 (November 1992). Review essay.
  • Review of From Hollywood to Hanoi (film), Viet Nam Generation 5:1-4 (March 1994).

Gardner, Fred

McGregor, Peter

McQuail, Josephine A.

Malo, Jean-Jaques

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