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Welcome to the
Sixties Project Web Site

One of the challenges of putting together a project on recent history is that so many folks have lived through the era and have opinions about what happened. The Sixties Project is designed not only to be useful to scholars and students, but to provide a place where those who lived through the Sixties can tell their own stories about the era, meet others with common interests, and reflect on their experiences. Resources which might have special interest for those who lived through the Sixties include:

The Sixties Personal Narrative Project

Here's where you can tell your stories about the Sixties, and where you can read the stories told by others. You can fill out a simple form, or you can submit your stories by email.

On-line back issues of the Viet Nam Generation Journal

The journal features personal narratives and poetry, along with essays and scholarly articles about the Sixties and the Viet Nam War.

Information about the SIXTIES-L discussion list

An email discussion list which hosts approximately 600 subscribers interested in talking about the Sixties and the Viet Nam war.

In addition, we maintain on-line archives of bibliographic material, filmographies, primary documents and book reviews. You might also want to wander through our Special Exhibition and browse our collection of Sixties ephemera. Contact us with your comments and suggestions.

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