There are many good restaurants in Charlottesville, the county seat of prosperous Albemarle County. For an extensive selection of local restaurant promo, see the Charlottesville visitor's guide and the Cville Weekly (local free newspaper, widely available), or see this online guide to Charlottesville Restaurants.


All bars in Charlottesville serve food, most until midnight or 1 am. There is no kosher restaurant in Charlottesville.

All night, open: Littlejohn's, Wafflehouse

Barbecue: Sweetbones, Big Jim's

Beer: Blue Ridge, Court Square Tavern, Michael's Bistro

Breakfast: Café Europa, Expresso Italian Villa, Aunt Sarah's Pancake House

Brunch: Biltmore, Duner's, Rococo's, St Maarten's, Southern Culture.

Cheapest options of their type: Baja Bean, Café Europa, Hong Kong, Martha's.

Chinese: Hong Kong, Panda Garden, Flaming Wok

Closest: Pavilion XI

Coffee houses: Starbuck's, Espresso Corner, Espresso Royale Café Mud House, Higher Grounds

Coffee to go: Café Europa, Starbuck's

Cuban (sort of): Mono Loco

Deli food: Littlejohn's, Café Europa, Foods of All Nations, Whole Foods Market

Dessert: Whole Foods Market, Hot Cakes

Drinks: Biltmore, Court Square Tavern, Miller's, St Maarten's, Escafé

Expensive: Boar's Head Inn, Bizou, C&O, Hamilton's, Memory & Co., Silver Thatch Inn, Metropolitain, Oxo, Ivy Inn, Clifton-The Country Inn

French: C&O, Metropolitain

Indian: Maharaja

Italian: Carmello's, Rococo's, L'Aventura

Japanese: Sakura, Hakubai

Late, open: Littlejohn's, Baja Bean, Biltmore, Court Square Tavern, Expresso Italian Villa, Miller's

Large parties easily accommodated at one table: Baja Bean upstairs, Biltmore, Blue Bird Café, Greenskeeper, Hong Kong, Miller's, Tastings

Outside tables: Baja Bean, Biltmore, Blue Bird Café Martha's, Miller's, Bizou, Higher Grounds

Pizza: Silvia's, College Inn, Expresso Italian Villa, Rococo's

Recommended: Blue Bird Café, Café Europa, Hamilton's, L'Aventura, Michael's Bistro, Metropolitain, Mono Loco, Oxo, Hamilton's, Southern Culture, Tastings

Seafood: Tiffany's

Smokers, hospitable to: Carmello's, St Maarten's

Take-out: Littlejohn's, Lucky Seven, Panda Garden, Take It Away

Vegetarians, hospitable to: Baja Bean, Café Europa, College Inn, Maharaja, Martha's, Liquid, Veggie Heaven

Wine: Silver Thatch Inn, Tastings

Information adapted from the Vade Mecum for Terry Belanger's Rare Book School 1997.

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