The Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia combines an on-line archive of thousands of SGML-encoded electronic texts (some of which are publicly available) with a library-based Center housing hardware and software suitable for the creation and analysis of text. Through ongoing training sessions and support of individual teaching and research projects, the Center is building a diverse and expanding user community locally, and providing a potential model for similar enterprises at other institutions. In addition to the Electronic Text Center, the Library also sponsors a number of other digital centers, including the Digital Image Center, the Digital Media and Music Center, the Geographic Information Center, the Social Sciences Data Center, and the Special Collections Digital Center.

The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities was established to explore and expand the potential of information technology as a tool for humanities research. To that end, IATH's full-time staff of eight provides its Fellows with consulting, technical support, applications programming, and networked publishing facilities. IATH also participates in humanities computing initiatives with libraries, publishers, information technology companies, scholarly organizations, and others interested in the intersection of computers and cultural heritage. The Institute currently hosts more than twenty-five large-scale projects in more than a dozen disciplines of the humanities, funded by commercial and academic publishers, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Science Foundation, the Getty Fund, IBM, Sun, and many other sources.

The Instructional Technology Group of ITC supports a wide range of services for faculty and students who are using digital technology in their courses. Perhaps most noteworthy among its programs is the Teaching + Technology Inititive (TTI), which selects fellows in a yearly proposal process. Fellows are given time, technical support, access to new teaching technologies, software to create new-media instructional tools, and hardware for development and presentation of materials. To date, 36 projects have been supported in courses covering all the undergraduate curricula at the University. In addition to the TTI program, the Instructional Technology Group supports a New Media Center where faculty and students have access to hardware and software for the development of digital course materials. The group also offers a range of services from individual consultation and project planning to extensive training in the use of new media technologies in instruction.

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