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Perforations is published by Public Domain, a non-profit collective based in Atlanta, which explores the connections between technology, art, theory, and writing. Since 1989, Public Domain has sponsored Working Papers, a series of presentations and performances of works in progress. The publication is edited by Robert Cheatham with associate editor Chea Prince.

Perforations 1.3 is a special issue titled "After the Book: Writing Literature/Writing Technology," compiled by guest editor Richard Gess. This issue is an impressive collection of essays, literary works, and hypertexts. Among the dozen essays, the works of pioneers Joyce and Moulthrop are especially notable. Cheatham's piece, "Orphicality; Telepathy, Virtuality, and Encysted Sense Ratios," is a broad reaching work which applies diverse psychological metaphors to the idea of hypertext writing. Martin Rosenberg's "Contingency, Liberation and the Seduction of Geometry: Hypertext as an Avant-Garde Medium" incorporates references from the history and philosophy of science. Touching on the ideas of Bergson, Einstein, Wheeler, and Prigogine, Rosenberg finally ends up at the rhizome of Deleuze and Guattari in an effort to make sense of the docuverse of hypertext writing.

The following hyperbooks are included:

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