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REMF Bibliography

A Bibliography of Viet Nam War Literature

Compiled by David A. Willson with Nancy Kendall

Viet Nam War Literature: Miscellaneous, N-Z

Contents: Cartoons & Comics | Children's Literature | Drama | Graphic Novels | Miscellaneous | Novels | Poetry | Pornography | Proofs | Reviews | Screenplays | Short Stories

This text, made available by the Sixties Project, is copyright (c) 1993 by the Author or by Viet Nam Generation, Inc., all rights reserved. This text may be used, printed, and archived in accordance with the Fair Use provisions of U.S. Copyright law. This text may not be archived, printed, or redistributed in any form for a fee, without the consent of the copyright holder. This notice must accompany any redistribution of the text. The Sixties Project, sponsored by Viet Nam Generation Inc. and the Institute of Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, is a collective of humanities scholars working together on the Internet to use electronic resources to provide routes of collaboration and make available primary and secondary sources for researchers, students, teachers, writers and librarians interested in the 1960s.

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  • Newborn, Sasha (ed.) first-person intense anthology. Santa Barbara : Mudborn Press, 1978. [special issue of Rockbottom (nos. 7&8)] Currey, Richard. "from Vietnam"
    [this is the earliest published form of material which later became
    Crossing Over
    and then Fatal Light]
  • Nhat Hanh. ["Self-Immolation; A conversation between Daniel Berrigan & Nhat Hanh"]
    [see: Unmuzzled Ox. Vol. 4, no. 1, 1976]
  • Noel, Rueben & Noel, Nancy. Saigon for a Song; The True Story of a Vietnam Gig to Remember. Phoenix, AZ : UCS Press, 1987 (1st printing, large format paperback).


  • O'Brien, Tim. If I Die in a Combat Zone; Box Me Up And Ship Me Home. New York : Delacorte Press / Seymour Lawrence, 1973 (cloth cover, dust jacket).
  • O'Brien, Tim. If I Die in a Combat Zone; Box Me Up And Ship Me Home. New York : Dell, 1974, (c)1973 (1st Dell printing).


  • Palmer, William J. The Films of the Seventies: A Social History. Metuchen, NJ : Scarecrow Press, 1987 ( [1st edition], cloth cover).
  • Parravano, Amy (complier). Songs About the Vietnam Corps. Cranston, RI : Parravano Music, 1990 (self published [as photocopy] pamphlet).
    [includes words and music to 10 songs, words by Geoffre Stamm, Music by Amy Parravano; also includes Epilogue of Selected poems by Geoffrey Stamm]
  • Parrish, John. Journal of a Plague Year. Great Britain : Fontana, 1979 ((c)1972). (first published in USA as 12, 20 & 5: A Doctor's Year in Vietnam)
  • Peacock, Doug. "Peacock's War; Journals 1966-1988" in Smart, May-June 1989.
    ["Things happen when a man comes home from Vietnam and goes to live with the bears." -- includes memories of events in Vietnam during the war.]
  • People of Vietnam Will Triumph! The U.S. Agressors Will Be Defeated! -- A Collection of Chinese Art Works in Support of the Vietnamese People's Struggle, The. Peking, People's Republic of China : Foreign Languages Press, 1966 (large format paperback, dust jacket).
  • Pettit, Clyde Edwin. The Experts. [100 Years of Blunder in Indo-China]. Secaucus, NJ : Lyle Stuart, 1975 (cloth cover, dust jacket)
    [includes quotations, official and unofficial statements, secret documents, arranged chronologically]
  • Playboy. Vol. 37, No. 1, January 1990.
    [see also SHORT STORIES]
    a. Tom Cruise interview, discussing the film "Born on the Fourth of July" and the Vietnam War
  • Pratt, Don & Lee Blair. Salmagundi Vietnam. Rutland, VT : Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1971 ((c)1970).
  • Printer's Devil 1982-83. Tempe : Arizona State University, 1983.
    ["Selected Themes by the Freshman English Class of Arizona State University"]
    a. Shadid, Gary T. "The Language of War" [Analysis of Language]
  • Prison Diary of Ho Chi Minh. (Translated by Aileen Palmer, Introduction by Harrison E. Salisbury) New York : Bantam Books, 1971.


  • Radical America. Vol.11, no.6 / Vol.12, no.1 -- November 1977-February 1978 (special double issue).
    Hunt, David. "Remembering the Tet Offensive"
  • Redneck Review of Literature, No.19, Fall 1990.
    [see: Renda, Richard. "Anatomy of a Flashback"]
  • Regan, David. Mourning Glory; The Making of a Marine. Old Greenwich, CT : Devin-Adair Co., 1981 (cloth cover, dust jacket)
    ["... has all the qualities of top-grade fiction and suspense from cover to cover."]
  • Renda, Richard. "Anatomy of a Flashback" [memoir] Redneck Review of Literature, No.19, Fall 1990.
    [see also REVIEWS]
  • Representing Vietnam 1965 - 1973; The Antiwar Movement in America. Organized and With an Essay by Maurice Berger. [Catalog from a show at Hunter College of The City University of New York] February 9 - March 25, 1988. The Bertha and Karl Leubsdorf Art Gallery, Hunter College.
    [Catalog includes essay, photos from exhibit, and checklist of exhibit items consisting of fine art, posters, documentary films, buttons & clothing, and pamphlets & newspapers.]
  • Robbins, Christopher. Air America. [Movie Tie-In] New York : Avon Books, 1990, (c)1979 (1st Avon Movie Tie-In printing). (1st Avon books printing 1985)
    [originally published in Great Britain as -- The Invisible Air Force: The True Story of the CIA's Secret Airlines]
  • Rockbottom (nos. 7&8)
    [see: Newborn, Sasha (ed.) first-person intense anthology]


  • Sack, John. M. New York : New American Library (Signet), 1967. 1st printing.
  • Sack, John. The Man-Eating Machine. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1973. 1st printing. (Doubleday Book for Review, Doubleday Canada Ltd.) -- (cloth cover, dust jacket)
  • Safer, Morley. "Prescott's War"
    [see: American Heritage, February/March 1991]
  • Salisbury, Harrison E. (ed.) Vietnam Reconsidered. New York : Harper & Row, 1984 (1st edition).
  • Savory, Teo (ed.) Unicorn Journal. Santa Barbara : Unicorn Press, 1969 (biannual publication)
    [Includes: "The Return Path of Thoughts," by Nhat Hanh, excerpts from a Novel translated from the Vietnamese by Vo-Dinh; "Twelve Poems" by Vo Van Ai ("Our Steps"; :Holocaust"; "We Two Form a Multitude"; "Vow"; Summer of the Phoenix"; etc.)]
  • Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann. "Some Reflections on The Healer's War" (p57-62)
    [see: Bishop, Michael (ed.) Nebula Awards 25]
  • Schell, Jonathan. The Village of Ben Suc. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 1967. 1st edition. (cloth cover, dust jacket).
  • Schell, Jonathan. The Village of Ben Suc. New York : Vintage Books, 1968 ((c)1967). (1st Vintage Books edition)
  • Schoendoerffer, Pierre. Farewell to the King. New York : Bantam Books, 1971 ((c)1970).
  • Sevy, Grace (ed.) The American Experience in Vietnam; a Reader. Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, 1990, (c)1989 (large format paperback).
  • Shadid, Gary T. "The Language of War"
    [see: Printer's Devil 1982-83.]
  • Shaw, Leo. Confucius Say. n.p. : Charles E. Tuttle Co., n.d. (paperback -- probably published late 1960s or early 1970s -- about same time as "Choi Oi!" by Zidek. -- printed in Asia)
    [includes "witty" sayings and cartoon drawings -- much emphasis on Vietnam & Laos. example: :GIs insist that the cute VN girls really have something, and many of them get it!" or "Vietnam oly country where it's socially permissible to hold Dong in one hand, and P in other." ]
  • Sheldon, Walter, J. Tigers in the Rice; The Story of Vietnam from Ancient Past to Uncertain Future. London : Collier-Macmillaan Ltd. (Crowell-Collier Press), 1969 (1st edition, cloth cover, dust jacket).
  • Shepard, Elaine. The Doom Pussy. New York : Pocket Books, 1967 (1st printing).
  • Short-Timer's Journal: Soldiering in Vietnam. No.1 and No.2. Berkeley, CA : Winter Soldier Archive, September/October 1980.
    ["The purposes of The Short-Timer's Journal are to provide insight into past events while serving as a present-day reminder of the continuing significance of the Vietnam War. The Journal provides a "short-timer's history" of the war and its aftermath, correcting misunderstanding while explaining the war to non-veterans. In this way, the Journal attempts to make the Vietnam veteran a concrete human concern rather than a government statistic or media caricature--preserving in the veteran's own words the most important thing he brought back from Vietnam: The experience itself."]
  • Siembieda, Kevin et al. The Revised RECON. Detroit, Michigan : Palladium Books, 1986 (large format paperback)
    ["A complete NEW role-playing game of contemporary military jungle combat, adventure and espionage." ... "The RECON game system is designed to simulate the kind of counterinsurgency warfare found in the Vietnam War."]
  • Smart. No.11, July-August 1990
    [see: Broyles, William Jr. "Box-Office Vietnam"]
  • Spark, Alasdair. "Vietnam: the War in Science Fiction"
    [see: Davies, Philip John (ed.) Science Fiction, Social Conflict and War]
  • Spetz, Steven. Nuke Hill. Toronto; New York : Worldwide Books, 1987.
    [future war novel by the author of Rat Pack Six]
  • Steel Shavings : Vietnam Veterans from the Calumet Region. Vol. 15, Indiana University Northwest, James B. Lane, editor (no date).
  • Stewart, Margaret E. "Ambiguous Violence: Myths of Regeneration and Proficiency in U.S. Novels of the Vietnam War." Wisconsin Papers on Southeast Asia, Occasional Paper No. 10. Madison, WI : Center for Southease Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1986.
  • Stone, Robert. "Me and the Universe"
    [see: TriQuarterly 65, Winter 1986]


  • Tabula Rasa
    [see: Yeager, Lisa Nease (ed.) Tabula Rasa, Vol.1, No.3, 1991]
  • Tal, Kali (ed.) Vietnam Generation -- GI Resistance: Soldiers and Veterans Against the War (Special Editor, Harry W. Haines). Vol.2, no.1, 1990.
  • Tal, Kali (ed.) Vietnam Generation -- Kent and Jackson State: 1970-1990 (A Special Issue of Vietnam Generation; Special Editor, Susie Erenrich). Vol.2, no.2, 1990.
  • Thompson, Chandler. "Living the Logic of Lunacy in Vietnam"
    [see: December; a Magazine of the Arts and Opinion, Vol.12, no.1/2, 1970]
  • Toner, Michael. "Phantom Soldiers" [an essay]
    [see: Four Quarters, Spring 1990]
  • TriQuarterly 65. Winter 1986. [The Writer in Our World; a Symposium]
    [see also POETRY]
    [section on Writing and War]
    a. Emerson, Gloria. "The Children in the Field"
    b. Just, Ward. "Vietnam--Fiction and Fact"
    c. Stone, Robert. "Me and the Universe"
    d. "Session III: Questions and Answers" (with all 3 panelists speaking)
  • Tuso, Joseph F. Singing the Vietnam Blues; Songs of the Air Force in Southeast Asia. College Station : Texas A & M University Press, 1990 (1st edition, large format paperback).
  • Unmuzzled Ox. Vol. 4, no. 1, 1976.
    "Self-Immolation; A conversation between Daniel Berrigan & Nhat Hanh," (tape transcript)


  • Utne, Eric (ed.) Utne Reader. "Vietnam: can we heal the wounds?" [special section of writings about the war] No.6, Oct./Nov. 1984.


  • Van Buskirk, Robert. Tail Wind. Dallas, TX : Acclaimed Books, 1983.
  • Veysey, Arthur. Death and the Jungle. London, U.K. : Tandem Books, 1966
    ["The First True Stories by Men Fighting the Bloody War in Vietnam" -- stories written by journalist, narrative almost fictional in nature].
  • Vietnam and the Graphic Arts; 4-28 September 1986. Manchester, England -- Fletcher Moss Gallery. [exhibition coinciding with the conference, Cultural Effects of Vietnam -- addressing representation of the war through the graphic media]
    [program includes:
    • Wilkie, Theresa. "The Politics and Uses of War Photography; The Work of
      Don McCullin in Vietnam."
    • Aulich, Jim. "Cartoon Representations of Vietnam in the British Press."
    • Huxley, David. "American Comic Books and the Vietnam War."
    • Hamilton, Robert. "Image and Context: The Production and Reproduction of the Execution of a VC Suspect by Eddie Adams."
    • Scarfe, Gerald. "Gerald Scarfe in Vietnam." [extract from his autobiography]
  • Vietnam Combat Art. [Text by Col. Raymond Henri]. New York : Cavanagh & Cavanagh, 1968 (Text (c)1968).
  • Vietnam Experience -- Words of War: An Anthology of Vietnam War Literature. Boston : Boston Publishing, 1988 (cloth cover, dust jacket).
  • Vietnam Generation
    [see: Tal, Kali (ed.) Vietnam Generation]
  • Vietnam Suite by Charles D. Jones, January 16, 1982 through February 21, 1982. [Publicity mailing announcing exhibition at the Tyler Museum of Art]. Announcement also includes 3 reproductions of his art, comments by the Museum director James D. Weaver, and a list of works in the exhibition.
    [see also POETRY]
  • Vietnam: Why -- A Collection of Reports and Comment from THE REPORTER. New York : The Reporter Magazine Co., 1966.
  • Villani, Jim. "Viet Nam Flashbacks"
    Villani, Jim, et al. (eds.). Viet Nam Flashbacks: Pig Iron No. 12
  • Villani, Jim, et al. (eds.). Viet Nam Flashbacks: Pig Iron No. 12. Youngstown, OH : Pig Iron Press, 1984 (large format paperback)
    [includes: 36 poems, 13 short stories, 5 non-fiction selections, & miscellaneous graphics]
    [see also POETRY & SHORT STORIES]
    a. Corliss, P.F. "Reflections on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial" (p.96)
    b. Innis, Wendy. "Mango Showers" (pp.21-25)
    c. Kirk, Donald. "The Whole Thing's Pointless" (pp.72-77)
    d. Lynn, Bob. "My Only War" (pp.83-95)
    e. Villani, Jim. "Viet Nam Flashbacks" (p.4)
  • Vostell, Wolf. "Genesis and Iconography of My Happenings"
    [see: Vostell, Wolf. Miss Vietnam]
  • Vostell, Wolf. "Hommage to Durer"
    [see: Vostell, Wolf. Miss Vietnam]
  • Vostell, Wolf. "Miss Vietnam"
    [see: Vostell, Wolf. Miss Vietnam]
  • Vostell, Wolf. Miss Vietnam; and Texts of Other Happenings. [translated by Carl Weissner]. San Francisco : Nova Broadcast Press, 1968. (Nova Broadcast Series, Number 2)
    a. "Genesis and Iconography of My Happenings"
    b. "Hommage to Durer"
    c. "Miss Vietnam"


  • Walsh, Jeffrey. American War Literature; 1914 to Vietnam. New York : St. Martin's, 1983, (c)1982 (cloth cover, dust jacket).
  • Washington Project for the Arts. War and Memory in the Aftermath of Vietnam. September 15 / December 19, 1987. [A Multi-Disciplinary Program of Visual Art, Commissioned Installations, Photography, Film, Video, Literature, Theater, Music and Public Discussions]
    [program booklet describing the history of the exhibit/program, with
    photographs, acknowledgements, exhibition schedule, project descriptions
    (broken down into film/video, theater, literature, anthology, music, and
    public discussions), and calendar of events.]
  • Waterhouse, Charles. Vietnam Sketchbook: Drawings from Delta to DMZ. Rutland, VT : Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1969 ((c)1968).
  • Weiss, Peter. Notes on the Cultural Life of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. New York : Seymour Lawrence Book/Delta Book (Dell Publishing), 1970.
  • West, Francis J. Jr., Captain, USMCR. Small Unit Action in Vietnam, Summer 1966. New York : Arno Press, 1967.
  • Wide Angle; A Film Quarterly of Theory, Criticism, and Practice
    [see: Lehman, Peter & Kirihara, Donald (eds.)]
  • Witness, Vol. 2, no.1, Spring 1988.
    [see: Carter, Bruce. "The Vietnam Series"]
  • Witness, Vol. 2, No. 2/3, Summer/Fall 1988. [Special Double Issue: The Sixties]
    [see also SHORT STORIES & POETRY]
    a. Caute, David. "The Vietnam War -- Tet"
    [from The Year of the Barricades, Harper & Row, 1988]
    b. [plus discussions of and references to Vietnam and the war]


  • Yeager, Lisa Nease (ed.) Tabula Rasa, Vol.1, No.3, 1991 (Shy City Press).
    [see also POETRY"Inside the Poet: Bill Shields" (p.24-30)
    [ biography & review ]


  • Zumbro, Ralph. Tank Sergeant. Novato, CA : Presidio Press, 1986 (Book Club edition, cloth cover, dust jacket).
  • Zumbro, Ralph. Tank Sergeant. New York : Pocket Books, 1988, (c)1986 (1st Pocket Books printing).

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